Welcome to Ruawai!


Come along to the FREE parade and family gala on Saturday from 10am.

You can still register for the Friday night meet and greet. Click here to register!

Bring your family photos to add to the Centennial archive.

Find out what’s on when.

Need somewhere to stay? Check out our Accommodation Guide.

Plan the rest of your visit.

Don’t forget that the art studio will be open on the Saturday for people who want to revisit old times.

Just over 100 years ago a little place by the name of Shag Creek was renamed; and so Ruawai was established.

From these humble roots in the barely drained tidal estuary of the Kaipara Harbour, Ruawai grew. At it’s peak it boasted a cinema, a dairy factory, Northland’s leading ladies’ fashion shop and even a billiard saloon. Today, with the changes in the primary industry (dairy) a smaller population means we don’t have quite the resources that used to be available but Ruawai is still a proud community that works together to keep the spirit of Ruawai alive.

So join us for the Ruawai Centennial (plus) celebrations: 22 March 2014!


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